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An Attorney Who Handles Everything is a Jewel

Finding the best attorney who handles everything can be a significant asset and a time saver in the long run. Anyone looking for legal assistance can find comfort in knowing their attorney handles everything. It leaves the perfect client-attorney relationship where they know each other and have all the basic information needed.

The primary reason a person will need legal assistance is due to the following:

  • Business and Trademarks;

  • Divorce/ Family Law;

  • Criminal Cases;

  • Family Estates/ Wills.

All of the above need a familiar attorney with the topics listed. Many handle each individually, but the jewels are those who can take it all on in court.

Business and Trademarks

When it comes to businesses, there are vital contracts that must be signed in agreements of doing business. Sometimes there are partnerships, investors, and outsiders who wish to stake claims in a person's business. These are times when legal assistance is needed. A lawyer can draw up the paperwork for an LLC, Corporation, partnership, or stockholder.

Trademarks are also part of a business. It counts as a seal or symbol that lets people know what business they are dealing with. These trademarks go on apps, letterheads, products, and anything associated with the business.

Divorce and Family Law

Many times attorneys will handle these cases alone because there are so many. It works out perfectly if a business owner is going through a divorce. Then the attorney can handle both cases, and the client only has to worry about one attorney. Of course, that is one most common example.

Divorce and family law can have an effect on business, and it takes the proper attorney who can combine all the facts and sort the situation out. It can be a lengthy process, but one attorney will move the case along much quicker.

Criminal Cases

Anything illegal that lands a person behind bars is going to need help with other cases involved as well. There are two types of criminal cases, misdemeanors, and felonies. Some examples of misdemeanors are as follows:

  • Disturbing the Peace;

  • Loughtering;

  • Public Intoxication;

  • Resisting Arrest;

  • DUI in certain situations

The felonies are much more severe and require a strong defense attorney to prove innocence. Listed are some examples of felonies where it is critical to have an attorney:

  • Grand Theft;

  • Arson;

  • Manslaughter;

  • Massive Drug Charges;

  • Kidnapping.

Family Estates and Wills

Family Estates is what is passed down to the surviving family members, usually the kids, once the Mother and Father pass away. The will is the legal document that splits up the estate according to how the parents or the original owners see fit. It may not always be fair to the surviving members.

It can happen at times when an attorney may find themselves dealing with all the cases mentioned in one family or business. Businesses may also get passed down to the children. It so happens all of these topics are life and tied into one, and one attorney can resolve everything.

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